Is your computer screen showing boxes popping up from nowhere? Is your system giving out strange sounds?

Then, your computer might have been surely infected with malware. It’s not that easy to find out if your computer has been infected with a worm, virus, spyware or Trojan. The reason being malicious software creators ensure that their creation is disguised.

But here are a few signs which might help you figure out that your computer has been infected.

1. Sudden appearance of pop-up windows: You might encounter some fake virus warnings indicating presence of security threats upon your system. The reality is that a website can never revel that your computer is infected.

Also sometimes you might find out Skype displaying a message showing ‘urgent security vulnerability’. But Skype is not meant to warn you that your computer has been infected.

2. Unexpected random Sounds: It seldom happens that your computer starts giving out insignificant sounds. They appear as warning beeps along with an error message which means that there’s certain malware on that windows but, you can’t see it.

3. Files or folders deleted or changed without any reason. You might not find your files and folders at their allotted place. Usually you find them missing, or you might notice a difference in the appearance of icons / content of your files.

4. Your computer slowing down. The most popular cyber scams these days is something referred to as ‘pay per install’. There are few companies in places like Russia and China that enable bad guys to sign up their forums and download some software, while they will pay you for every thousand users which you can deceive behind promoting their software installs.
The exploiters put lot of viruses and worms on your computer in form of files and applications for making money. With these files and applications, you might encounter a slowdown in your system’s performance.

5. Random connections to unknown websites: You would receive alerts from your genuine anti-virus software indicating that an application is attempting to connect to an unknown website.

6. Unexpected images. You might encounter pornographic images appearing or any news flash coming out on the website which you’re surfing. This means that your system is again infected.

After you find out the potential threats in your system, you should find out means to fix them. Otherwise your confidential information could be stolen and misused.


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