Do you want to save and have bought compatible cartridges for your Epson printer? Then it can happen that your printer greets you with an error message or does not recognize the Epson cartridges correctly.

The probability of such an error message due to unrecognized printer cartridges increases if you have also bought compatible cartridges from one of the Asian manufacturers who flood the market in Europe with alternative cartridges at dumping prices. They are offered for almost every device, also suitable for Epson printers.

But panic is not in order, as there are a number of tricks and measures with which you can solve problems with compatible cartridges in the Epson printer and you can use your inkjet printer again. For example, you can outsmart Epson cartridges or the Epson printer if you carry out a virtual cartridge change as described in tip 8.

Tip 1: Epson wants you to use original cartridges

There is one fact that you should always be aware of: some Epson printer error messages are only intended to discourage you from using compatible cartridges.

The printer manufacturer doesn’t earn a cent from the alternative printer cartridges. Many printer manufacturers offer some devices at low prices, some of which are even below the manufacturing costs. They compensate for these losses with profits from the sale of the expensive original cartridges. If you don’t buy genuine cartridges, printer manufacturers are left with their losses.

Therefore, they act as if the foreign cartridges could damage your printer. You can read up on how printer manufacturers are using tricks with cartridges and thereby unnecessarily polluting the environment. In any case, we can assure you that this is not the case with our inexpensive and environmentally friendly refill cartridges. The refill cartridges from Epson always consist of thoroughly tested original cartridges of used ink cartridges for inkjet printers with a functioning display for the fill level. We are working with a resetter for resetting chips. If the chip resetter is not enough, we use new chips so that the ink level can be displayed and all functions are supported.

Tip 2: wrong click triggers problems with compatible cartridges

If you are using compatible cartridges, your Epson printer will give you an error message that starts with the message “You are probably not using genuine ink cartridges”.

Under the error message you will find three buttons labeled

  • “Details”,
  • “Cancel” and
  • “Continue”.

If you click on the “Cancel” button there, the printer will refuse to work until you have inserted a new cartridge into the device. If you follow this, you will damage your wallet and also create garbage, which would be negative for the environment.

The correct click must go to the ” Continue ” button . Don’t let yourself be irritated by the fact that your Epson printer displays this message several times. Just stay stubborn when you click “Continue”.

Tip 3: restart your printer

If you accidentally clicked on “Cancel”, there are two possible solutions to choose from. that fix the problem:

  • You can either remove the affected cartridge and reinsert it
  • or briefly disconnect the Epson printer from the network .

In both cases, your printer will restart the cartridge detection, since the procedure acts like a small reset of the device. If it finds compatible cartridges, you will get the display with the three options (see tip 2) and you can correct your wrong click as we have described. That way, with a little luck, you can still use the consumables.

Tip 4: Ignore the “nerve indicators” of your Epson printers

If the ink level in a cartridge is nearing the end, the user interface of your printer shows you an “ink level reminder” with the respective cartridge name. The display with the note on the ink level varies a little depending on the Epson model.

Under the graphic fill level indicator for the cartridges there are three buttons with the inscriptions:

  • “Already bought”,
  • “Remind me later” and
  • “Buy Epson Ink”.

By clicking on “Buy Epson Ink” you will get to Epson’s own shop. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to buy the expensive original cartridges or prefer to buy inexpensive and environmentally friendly refill cartridges . If you click on “Remind me later”, the message window will continue to annoy you and want to persuade you to buy more ink.

The best choice is therefore to click on the “Already bought” button. Then you have peace, because your printer has no clairvoyant skills. The controlling software does not know whether your information is true.

Tip 5: Epson printers do not recognize compatible cartridges at all

A possible solution to problems with the cartridge detection on the Epson printer is the temporary disconnection from the network and the computer . Please wait at least ten minutes before reconnecting the printer. This time is necessary to clear the printer’s “memory”. According to the information from Epson support, the time until deletion can even be up to 45 minutes for some models . Basically, this is a device reset.

But: Before you unplug the printer, please remove all ink cartridges and only reinsert them after switching on the device .

However, there is no guarantee that this approach will help.

Cartridge detection problems usually persist if you ‘ve refilled them with ink yourself or bought cartridges with outdated chips . If you only refill the printer cartridges with ink without using a resetter (chip resetter), the device can refuse the cartridges because it has already recognized them as empty. In the case of printer cartridges that you have stored for a long time, the chip may be out of date. With our refill cartridges you can be sure that they are always equipped with the latest chip generations or that the existing chip has been reset with a professional resetter.

Tip 6: New drivers lock out compatible cartridges

Did you allow your operating system to automatically update the drivers for the printer ? Then the cause could be a driver update for the Epson printer .

An indication of this are error messages that appear after you have already successfully used the compatible cartridges in your Epson printer. In plain language, this means that manufacturers try to use firmware updates to prevent the use of alternative printer cartridges. Cartridges that were previously usable are suddenly no longer recognized or accepted by the device. The information on the chip on the cartridge is evaluated differently by the printer software – and the cartridge refuses.

If necessary, you can fix this problem by reinstalling the previous driver version and blocking the automatic updates.

Tip 7: Is the driver of your Epson printer missing an update?

With the innovations in the security chips on the ink cartridges , the demands on printer drivers are changing. If you have bought a compatible cartridge with a new generation of chips, outdated drivers also cause problems with the Epson printer . They occur the first time you want to use the cartridge. Basically, you have the opposite problem to that described in tip 6. As a printer cartridge recycler, we always have to react to changes in the models of the various printer manufacturers or the associated software and always use the latest chips or perform chip resets.

The solution to your problem could be a driver update . This gives the drivers the information they need to read the information on the new cartridge chips .

Tip 8: Try a “virtual” cartridge change!

Sometimes your printer controller needs a little help to correctly identify compatible printer cartridges . It is therefore worth the effort to simulate a cartridge change for the Epson printer .

This is possible in the printer settings with the option> “Exchange ink cartridges” in the submenu> “Utility”. You should work through all the steps given there.

The chances of solving your problem with compatible cartridges on your Epson printer in this way are quite high.

Tip 9: deactivate the level indicator

With many Epson printers you can use a little trick to fix problems with compatible cartridges, refill cartridges or even refilled cartridges. Just turn off the ink level monitoring .

It is possible to switch off the monitoring of the fill level via the printer settings in the device manager of the operating system on your computer. There you will find the position> ” Disable EPSON Status Monitor ” in the> ” Utility ” area . If you check the box there, the level indicator will be deactivated after restarting your computer .

Extra tip: With numerous Epson printers, you can save yourself the trouble of displaying the annoying information window.

Tip 10: Also think about the very common causes of errors!

Sometimes the devil of mistakes is in things that you don’t even consider when troubleshooting because they seem completely unlikely to you. In the simplest case, it could be that you have not properly engaged the compatible ink cartridge in the Epson printer . Then the security chips get no contact with the electronics with which the printer reads the information on the chips.

So carefully apply some pressure and thrust to the cartridge. It will only sit correctly in the holder when the small spring clip at the rear end snaps back. Then the necessary contacts should be made.

Tip 11: were you in a hurry to insert the alternative cartridges?

If your Epson printer is having problems with compatible cartridges , there is another possible source of error. Please take out the newly installed and problematic ink cartridges and see if you may not have been thorough enough when unpacking and preparing. Often it is tiny remnants of the transport protection that prevent the correct recognition of compatible cartridges in the Epson printer because the necessary contacts with the chip cannot be made.

Remove all protective films and reinsert the cartridge into the printer. If that was the cause, it should now be correctly recognized.

Tip 12: Have you bought an unsuitable ink cartridge?

The addition “compatible” means that it is an ink cartridge that has been optimized for use in your Epson printer. Please note that the cartridge sets can also differ within a printer series, i.e. from model to model that belong to a device series. The chip and the information on it also differ from model to model.

If your Epson printer has problems with compatible cartridges, it could be that you did not pay close enough attention to the compatibility information.

Therefore compare the information on the packaging of the cartridge with the name of your printer model. If the model name is not found there, you cannot avoid buying a new ink cartridge and changing the cartridge.

Tip 13: The cause of the error could even lie with the cartridge manufacturer

Please keep in mind that packaging and declaration errors can also occur. Therefore, check your previous and the new compatible ink cartridge for any differences . If they are not completely identical, such an error is very likely. The rest of the procedure depends on where you bought the compatible cartridge for your Epson printer. Not every retailer and manufacturer offers you an exchange right in this case.

Conclusion: Most problems with compatible cartridges with Epson printers can be eliminated with simple tricks. Keep in mind that the printer software only provides many alleged error messages so that you buy expensive original cartridges . You have to know for yourself whether you do that. But the fact is that with high-quality refill cartridges you get the same print quality at a significantly lower price. Also think about environmental protection , because refill cartridges consist of used original cartridges that have been thoroughly “put through their paces”. Refill cartridges reduce the mountains of rubbish and the oil reserves.


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