Most of the time, the Epson printer does not print when you urgently need documents. Quick help is required at such moments.

The good news is that you can isolate most of the possible sources of error yourself and eliminate the problem. We’d like to support you with our 15 tips for finding and fixing problems with Epson printers .

Tip 1: is your Epson printer getting power?

You may just smile at this mundane question when your Epson device causes trouble. But when the Epson printer doesn’t print, many an owner has “looked for the wolf” without thinking about this cause. If your printer is attached to a power strip with surge protection or a switch, the error could be lurking there.

It goes unnoticed, especially if you are working with a notebook or your computer is connected to a different circuit. For the check, connect the printer directly to a wall socket and convince yourself beforehand, for example by connecting a lamp, that electricity is flowing there and that there is no problem.

Tip 2: Are there any maintenance hatches still open?

Your Epson printer will not print even if it is out of paper or if one of the maintenance flaps has not been closed . Both causes can be checked very easily and the problem corrected.

Take the opportunity to see if everyone

  • Ink cartridges
  • And for laser printers the toner cartridge and
  • Image drum

Are properly engaged. There, too, can hide the problem of why your Epson printer refuses to work. If necessary, correct the position of the printer cartridge or the toner or the imaging drum. Maybe you even switched printer cartridges in color. Not every device issues an error message or prevents incorrect insertion from the start.

When checking the maintenance hatches, you should take a look inside the printer. Often a paper jam or a foreign object in the mechanisms for the paper transport cause your printer to go on strike. In this case you have to clear the paper jam or remove foreign objects.

Tip 3: Does the Epson printer not print because it has no job at all?

There are many small mishaps that can prevent the print job from reaching the printer :

If you use several printers, you should therefore first check whether you selected the right printer when you placed the print order. You may have to send the print job to the correct device and delete the old print job on the wrong device

Did you place the print job from within an Office program? Then it could also be that you clicked the “Print” button too quickly. It only becomes active with a slight delay. During this time, your Office application and the operating system’s print service will check whether the selected printer is available and operational. If you click on the “Print” button before activation by the computer, no print job will be triggered and your device will remain silent.

Tip 4: Epson printer does not print because the data connection is missing

Did you move your printer or computer before the problem started with the Epson printer ? In this case, an interruption of the data connection is very likely. You must therefore check that your printer cable or USB cable is properly connected . Even a slight shift in the connector on the computer or the Epson device means that the tiny contacts in the connectors and sockets no longer meet. As a result, your printer either receives no signals or receives incorrect signals.

Your Epson printer may also not print because the cable itself has been damaged . You can rule out this cause by testing another cable. If you don’t have a second cable, disconnect the cable from the computer and printer, feel it for breaks, and check whether the jacket is damaged. Also look into the plugs and sockets to rule out irregularities.

Tip 5: Not every USB port is suitable for every printer

Is this the first time you use the striking Epson printer on an older computer ? Then there is another possible cause. It could be that you plugged the printer into an unsuitable USB port . This source of error arises because most workstation computers and notebooks offer USB ports with two different USB standards. Older computers in particular have even lower standards at the ports than are required for modern devices.

If your Epson printer doesn’t print, try connecting it to a different USB port.

By the way: The USB port itself could also have failed. The easiest way to rule this out is to check whether a USB memory stick can be read from the port. If that is possible, the USB port cannot be broken.

Tip 6: Epson printers as network printers – all rights set?

If your Epson printer does not print, it could be that you do not have the necessary rights to access a network printer and that the settings need to be improved. Troubleshooting also depends on how your printer was connected to the network. If it is attached to a host computer, it is possible that it is simply not switched on. In addition, the host computer must assign you rights to use the printer. If that hasn’t happened, you no longer have to wonder why you can’t get any printouts. The release of the Epson printer in the network is just as necessary if the printer to the USB port of a router depends. So check all settings and shares to rule out a problem there.

Tip 7: Epson printer on a wireless router does not print

Did you place the print job on a notebook from a location that you do not otherwise use? Maybe you are simply too far away from the router and no connection to the network can be established.

Please do not assume that you will find the maximum ranges of the WLAN adapter specified in the technical data sheets everywhere. There are a number of obstacles that significantly reduce the range. These include, for example

  • Switch boxes,
  • Steel cabinets and
  • Reinforced concrete walls.

So grab your notebook, get closer to the router and send the print job again. If the printer then delivers the desired printouts, you have to think about purchasing a WiFi repeater.

In addition, deactivated and defective WLAN adapters as well as a completely switched off router and deactivated WLAN repeater can be the cause of errors in the event of problems with network printers .

Tip 8: Epson printer won’t print because ink or toner is missing

Of course, when troubleshooting, you should pay attention to the displays on the printer and the notes in the user interface. An Epson color printer goes on strike when a color falls below the minimum remaining amount of ink. Therefore check the level of the ink cartridges . If a cartridge is empty, you have to replace it. If you want to do this cheaply and at the same time environmentally friendly, it is best to order our refill printer cartridges . The same cause of error lurks with laser printers from Epson. We have inexpensive rebuilt toner available for this.

Tip 9: Epson printer does not print after replacing a cartridge

There is another special feature of ink cartridges. It is possible that you have not removed all remains of the transport protection. Even a tiny snippet of adhesive tape can affect the ventilation of the ink cartridges . This ventilation is necessary to compensate for the negative pressure that is created by the ink withdrawal. So take a closer look at the replaced cartridge and remove any remains of the transport protection. There may also be a foreign object in the tiny ventdevices. Please try to suck out the foreign body. Fiddling with tweezers or needles will usually damage the membrane in the ventilation opening. When that happens, you will get smeared printouts. You can only fix this error by replacing the cartridge again.

Tip 10: Where else could the problem with the Epson inkjet printer be?

Sufficient fill levels are displayed for the cartridges, but your Epson printer still does not print? Then the error could come from dirt on the printhead .

With Epson printers, it is a little difficult to get to the print head because it is built into the device. If you pretend to the printer that you intend to change the cartridge, the printhead moves from its parked position to the center of the rail. If you switch off the power to the printer at this moment, it will stop there. For example, you can clean the print head with a lint-free cloth and distilled water . You can find out how to optimally clean an Epson print head in the “Cleaning Epson print head ” guide . We have also summarized general information about cleaning the printhead for you.

Tip 11: Epson printer does not print with refilled cartridges

You wanted to save money and refilled your ink cartridges in black and / or color yourself? If the printer fails after that, it could be that you used too large a grain size of the ink on the paint particles . They clog the print head. Therefore, when purchasing refill ink, always make sure that you only use ink that is suitable for your printer. This is especially true for Epson printers, where a permanent print head is built into the device .

To replace the printhead, the device usually has to go to the workshop and repairs are not cheap. With refill cartridges from SUPERPATRONEN you are on the safe side. We always use the appropriate black and color ink that has been carefully selected for the printer model .

Tip 12: Epson laser printer does not print – tips for finding the cause

If your Epson laser printer refuses to work, there are several other possible causes of errors in addition to an empty or incorrectly engaged cartridge :

Could it be that the toner has gotten damp ? In this case, lumps form that can no longer be transferred from the cartridge to the paper. Faint or blotchy printouts give an indication of such a development. If the Epson printer does not print after replacing the toner , it is possible that you or the dealer have stored your replacement toner incorrectly. In that case, you only have the subjective impression of a printer on strike, because it provides you with printouts without content.

With the Epson laser printer, a worn image drum is also a possible cause of the error. Have you noticed a steady fading in recent prints? Then this cause is very likely.

In addition, the heating unit could have failed. Together with a pressure roller, it is responsible for ensuring that the toner is fixed on the paper.

A defect in the fuser unit is usually indicated by loose toner powder on the printouts.

Tip 13: Does Your Epson Printer Have The Right Drivers?

Did you use the printer on your computer for the first time and it went on strike? Then there is a high probability either the printer detection or the printer drivers . The printer drivers are necessary for your printer to communicate with your operating system. This interface is missing if you have not installed any or incorrect drivers.

If your new Epson printer does not print, you have to use the device manager of the operating system (located in the control panel) to find the optimal driver. You can find out everything you need to know about installing a printer in our article.

Tip 14: Is the print service of your operating system active?

Sometimes there are problems starting the print service when the computer starts up . To fix this error, you have two options. You can use the Task Manager in the Control Panel to start the print service manually . It appears in Windows under the heading “Services” with the name “ Spooler ”. With a right click of the mouse you come to a context menu which you can use to activate the start. If that doesn’t help, it is worth trying to restart the computer.

Tip 15: Does a bad print job block the execution?

Often times your Epson printer will not print because it has stopped executing an incorrect print job . For a test, call up your printer via the control panel in the device manager. There you will get a list of the print jobs that are still open. It could well be that there are still print jobs from another user of your computer that could not be executed.

Delete these print jobs except for your current print job.

If your Epson printer stops your job after deleting the other jobs, your own print job could be faulty . Therefore, check the associated settings and restart it after making any corrections.

If your Epson printer shows error 0x97 , read our linked guide!

Bottom line: If your Epson printer doesn’t print , there are a number of possible causes. They range from empty cartridges to open maintenance flaps to print settings. You can eliminate most of the causes of problems with Epson printers yourself. If this doesn’t work with our tips, you could contact Epson support . Do not throw away your printer immediately if you notice a hardware defect


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