Despite the fact that the printing device has an intuitive functionality and control is reduced to pressing 2-3 buttons, modern models provide users with ample customization options. First of all, we are talking about the possibilities of the service mode, in which the installation parameters can be controlled. In ordinary printers, these functions help to solve a one rather complex problem, we are talking about chip cartridges, when the Epson l210 printer blinks, the “drop” is on and the device does not print. There are a number of additional features for the l210 with ink supply that will be of interest to readers.

Multifunctional printer for Home use

Epson l210 is well known to many users and continues the tradition of the entire line of Epson, which has been leading the market for color printers for several decades. Despite the fact that visual characteristics do not belong to the main functions, they characterize well a company that pays both attention to the internal and external “nature” of the device.

Outwardly, this model fully meets the requirements of the HiTech class, made in a popular black design. It will fit well into the workplace environment or fit next to the TV. In terms of functionality, the main feature of the l210 is the full-size cartridge. So the company moved away from its principle of making money on cartridges and released a model with long-playing cartridges, which is comfortable for active users. It is equipped with a continuous ink supply system with an improved head, in fact, the user needs to change only the CISS tanks in a timely manner for active printing of any type of prints.

Main consumer characteristics of the l210 printer:

Reservoirs with a capacity corresponding to 6500 copies of color printing and 4000 black and white copies with a new head are being installed.

Another important quality is its small size, the dimensions of the printer are much smaller than other models of the same class.

The device also supports iPrint, which allows you to use your mobile device to work on documents.

An important point is the high print speed thanks to the new head, which allows us to consider the device as a successful device not only for home but also for small office workgroups. In-text format, 24 ppm is displayed, in black and white – 10 ppm, color photo – 69 p.

There are a scanner and copier

The printer is released as part of a special series Printing Factory and is aimed at users who demand speed and volume of printing. Only polygraphy is not printed on it, otherwise, it is a full-fledged printing device for all types of tasks. A whole new level of office functionality.

Service features and customization Epson

General recommendations that help keep working functions include advice on using the device at least once a month. If you are not typing, there is a high risk of drying out the system. Also, do not put the device next to the battery to save the head

Setting up network functions

It is about installing a network driver that automatically detects the device address and routes the print job even if there is any change. This connection improves the level of integration of all users.


  • Go to the computer with administrator rights;
  • Use the disc included in the package;
  • Run EPSON NetworkUtility from the disc with the printing device turned on, at this moment the required components will be automatically and free of charge installed;
  • Set up your device following the instructions on the screen.

It may be necessary to configure ports with a dynamic address, this is more true for office campus networks. If you have such a need, use the recommendations on the official website page.

Setting up a wireless network

Follow these steps to set up wireless printing:

  • Insert paper into the tray.
  • Click the Status button, it also says Wi-Fi.
  • Configure routing on your computer using a special utility, this requires the WPS pin code, which can be found on the newly printed status page.
  • Press Wi-Fi and hold for 3 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicators flash alternately.
  • When the indicator is green, the setting is correct and the device is ready for use

After that, you can get to work.

Smartphone Remote Printing: Settings

Now we will talk about setting up the iPrint utility and printing using a mobile phone, the service is available for free:

  • Turn on the printer and make sure it works over Wi-Fi.
  • Install the application from the free source EpsoniPrint on your mobile phone, when launched, the application will show that the printing device is not selected.
  • Go to the Printer tab and select our model from the automatically selected list of devices.
  • The interface will display all available service functions, including the level of the cartridge, at this stage, the head of the Epson l210 printer is cleaned, if necessary.
  • To print photo images, click on the “Photo” button, allow access to the desired folder or gallery and select a file to print.
  • When printing with a size of 10 * 15 cm, nothing needs to be changed; if you need a different size, go to the “Size” menu and set individual parameters.
  • Run to print and get a print

Smartphone Remote Printing

You can also customize other mobile devices. Do not forget to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network by MAC addresses so that other users in the office or at home do not use the device for free.

How to download drivers

Drivers for the Epson l210 printer can be downloaded free of charge on the Epson corporate website, then you will need to reset the settings by turning off the device in the Windows Control Panel and reinstall it with the new version of the drivers. This may be required if there was a print queue failure, a power failure, or other network interference. Ink usually doesn’t affect the red light blinking or not printing, it just needs to flush the job queue from the microcontroller.

How to do it:

  • Disconnect your device from your computer.
  • Unplug the plug for a few minutes, then plug it back on.
  • Hold the Cancel button until the lamp stops blinking.
  • You can refresh Epson’s memory by briefly pressing the Cancel button 3 times.

This l210 reset method helps if your device is not printing. In some cases, if the “drop” with “paper” is blinking, such a reset method is not effective. This is due to a problem with the paper sensors when the print was processed incorrectly. To disable the drop on Epson, you will need to check the paper feed mechanism and restart the device’s memory. For details of the repair and settings, see the video.

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