Smartphones and tablets act as storage for photos and documents for more and more people. It is therefore ideal to be able to print these photos and documents immediately without having to transfer them to the computer first.

Whether you have a Canon, HP, Epson, Brother or Samsung printer, printing from a smartphone or tablet works the same with every printer. In this article we explain how to print wirelessly from your phone or tablet.

How do I connect my SmartPhone or Tablet to my printer?

Nowadays almost all printers are equipped with the wireless printing function. So all you need is a telephone / smartphone or (Samsung) tablet / iPad and a wireless printer. There are different forms of wireless printing:

  • Print via WiFi
  • Wifi Direct
  • Bluetooth printing
  • Android Google Cloud Print
  • Apple AirPrint

Connecting to the printer is often a one-time operation. The user manual and interface on the printer usually point you in the right direction. However, it can sometimes be a bit complicated.

That is why we have briefly described how you can connect the printer to your tablet and smartphone below.

Connecting to a WiFi Printer

You can install a WiFi printer by connecting the printer to the WiFi network to which your smartphone / phone or tablet is also connected. The most well-known WiFi printers are those from HP, Epson, Canon, Brother and Samsung.

Connecting is slightly different for every WiFi printer, but in general you will need to go to your printer ‘s settings and tap ‘Set up WiFi’ . Here you choose the desired WiFi network and enter the corresponding password. Your printer is now connected. You can also connect the printer by connecting an internet cable between your printer and the router.

Some WiFi printers have a WPS option This allows you to connect the printer to the network by pressing and holding both the WPS button on the printer and the WPS button on the router. The devices will ‘see’ each other and connect to each other automatically.

Connecting to a Wifi Direct printer

You can connect a Wifi Direct printer by searching for the name of your printer in the Wifi settings on your tablet or smartphone. A Wifi Direct printer acts as a Wifi network in itself.

Just make sure to enable Wifi Direct / WLAN on your printer first. Enter the password for the Wifi Direct printer (this can be found with the Wifi Direct / WLAN option in your printer) and your smartphone or tablet is connected.

Note! Wifi Direct does not provide Wifi as you are used to from Wifi.

You cannot use the internet and be connected to the printer at the same time. So you are only connected to the printer via the WiFi direct network. After printing, you can of course simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the regular WiFi network again.

Printing with Bluetooth

Does your printer have bluetooth? You can also print wirelessly from your smartphone and tablet.

Enable bluetooth through your printer’s settings or by pressing the bluetooth button on the printer.

Then also turn on bluetooth on your tablet or phone. You should see the printer name between the options. Tap this and you are now connected to the printer. If this is not the case, then you are too far away from your printer or you have not switched on the bluetooth of the printer correctly.

Connect to Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print

Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are technologies built into your smartphone, Android tablet and iPad.

Today, almost all printers support AirPrint. This allows you to send print jobs directly to the printer with your iPad or iPhone.

With Android devices (such as Samsung) there is the counterpart called Google Cloud Print. This system is also supported by almost all printers nowadays. Both systems require your printer to be connected to a network.



How do I print from my Phone or Tablet?

Once you’ve connected the devices, printing files and photos from the phone is a breeze. Connecting an Android tablet and smartphone works slightly differently than with Apple devices. Below we explain it:

Print from Android

In the menu of the document or photo you want to print, select ‘print’. It may differ per app where this menu is located. Usually this is a symbol with 3 dots above each other or next to each other.

You may also need to tap ‘share’ first so that the ‘print’ option appears. Then select your printer and the desired file you want to print.

If an app doesn’t offer the option to print something, you can always take another screenshot so it takes a picture of your screen. The screenshot taken can be found in the ‘gallery’ app. Here you can easily print the image as described above.

Print from Apple IOS

To print from an Apple device, first go to the menu (3 dots next to each other) or to the option ‘share’ . You will then see a printer icon with ‘print’ next to it.

Tap this and you should see the name of the printer appear and you can print the file. Here too, as with printing from Android, it is possible to take a screenshot when the relevant app does not offer the option to print.

Do you have questions about printing from a smartphone or tablet?

Do you have any further questions about connecting the printer to a smartphone or tablet and printing from a phone or tablet? Let me know in the comment box.


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