How to create a professional blog with Blogspot is certainly important for beginner bloggers to know. This Google-owned platform is still a favorite for many publishers.

Although not a few consider it as an old school platform, before 2010 its use existed quite a bit. In fact, there are still many users who still survive today.

This is evident, among others, from the results of the Web Technology Surveys which show that it is still perched in the top ten most popular CMS. At least 0.8% of websites in the world, created through the platform.

Besides being free, the number of blogger users in the world is because its use is also very easy, and simple. Even beginners can easily master it.

Its performance is also capable, especially when combined with the right seo techniques. This is evident from the many sites from blogspot, which appear on the main page of search engines.

For those of you who want to know how to create a professional blog with blogspot, this is the right place to visit. On this occasion, will explain in detail including:

  • How to create a blog post or page
  • How to create a blogspot blog account quickly.
  • Set the appearance of the blog to look professional
    Setting the blog layout
  • Until the custom blogspot domain becomes .com, .co, .net and others.

But before discussing further, we should first identify this blogspot (blogger) more deeply. Thus, we have a foundation and are increasingly steadily building a site with blogspot.

What is Blog, Blogger and Blogspot?

Not a few are still confused about the meaning, as well as the difference between blogs, bloggers and blogspot.

Actually, what is meant by a blog is a type of web or online journal, in which it can contain text, images, videos, or links. A blog will contain various posts, both old and new, which are managed by the owner.

There are 3 types of blogs, namely personal, professional, and business. Each type of blog certainly has a different function and purpose.

In today itself, the owner or manager of a blog is usually referred to as a blogger. While blogspot itself, is actually the domain name of the blogger platform. For example, you create a blog

Actually, blogger is one of the blogging platforms that can be enjoyed for free. It was first released by Pyra Labs in 1999, until it was finally acquired by Google in 2003

With this acquisition, the platform can be integrated with Google Analytics, Adwords, and Google Adsense, which is one of the most promising sources of blog income.

Advantages of Blogger

Besides being integrated with Google, there are several other reasons why someone is so enthusiastic about building a site with blogger. Are as follows:

1. No Need to Rent Hosting

Because it is already integrated with Google, creating a blog is very easy. You just need to sign-in using your Gmail account.

More than that, by using it you also don’t need to rent a hosting for file storage facilities.

There is also storage memory provided by Google itself reaching 15GB. Surely a very large capacity to manage a blog.

2. Various Templates Available

Indeed, by default, there are not many options to adjust the appearance provided by blogger. Even though many consider it a weakness, not a few also consider it a practicality.

With this sleek option, users won’t feel confused about how to customize the look of their site. Users can actually focus more on taking care of more important things, especially for content and SEO needs.

For example, bored with the existing appearance, you just need to change the template. Both are provided free by bloggers, as well as premium or paid ones.

3. Easy to Control

Blogger is known as a platform that makes it easy to control the website, even for beginners.

The choice of setting options has been well provided. Users just need to choose it based on their needs.

In addition to being optional, the integration of services is also more indulgent. Users can easily add a Google Search Console or Google Analytics account with just one click.

4. High Security Level

As a platform managed by Google, there is no doubt about security issues.

However, you still have to be careful when using services from third parties. For example, regarding the template. This should be done in order to reduce security risks.

How to Create a Professional Blog on Blogger?

After knowing the various advantages that has, of course you are increasingly interested in being able to make it immediately. Check out the full review on how to create a professional blog with blogger below:

Choose a suitable niche

Before deciding to create a blog, the first thing to consider is choosing a niche. This is very important, because it is an identity and will determine the journey and future of the blog later.

On that basis, you should not rush. Prepare enough time, and really think about it and consider it in a comfortable and calm mood.

One way to create a professional blog is to discuss the preferred niche. With this, managing it will be fun, so that it can produce the best output. Readers will also be comfortable and happy to enjoy every content that has been successfully created.

Reviewing subjects you find interesting is one method to make an entertaining blog. The results will also be better and you will love doing it more. Every time readers of your writings will experience satisfaction

What are niches?

The definition of a niche is basically the main theme or topic discussed in a blog. For example, the Electronic World blog, means that the main topic is about electronics.

But actually the Electronic World is still a broad topic. You can determine a more specific niche, or what is often known as a microniche. For example, specifically discussing refrigerators, TVs and others.

How to determine a blog niche

  • There are several things that can help you determine a niche, including the following:
  • Make a list of things you like, from hobbies, daily activities and so on.
  • Choose a niche based on something that you are good at, so that the content produced is really quality.
  • Doing research on blogs that cover the same niche, pay attention to the target market and the quality of the content produced.
  • Find a more specific niche so that it can become a site that is easier for readers to refer to.

2. How to create a blog with Blogspot

After determining the blog niche, then you can immediately create the desired blog. How to create a blog with blogspot is very easy.

Please click . After the blogger platform page has appeared, then just click Create Your Blog .

If the browser you are using is not connected to Gmail, then you will be directed to login to Gmail. All you have to do is enter your username and password so you can continue with the blog creation process.

Next you are required to set up and confirm the blog profile. You just fill it in the column provided. This profile can be filled with your own name, blg name to Admin. If it has been filled in, please click Continue to Blogger .

Wait for the save process until the Welcome page appears.

Next, please click Create New , to continue the process of creating the new blog.

Please fill in the pop-up that appears:

Title: Write the title of the blog that you want to create. This title is the identity of the blog and will appear on the home page.

Address: This section is filled with the URL you want to display, try to be as short as possible. As long as it has not been customized, the URL will be followed by An example of

Theme: Select the desired blog theme (view) according to your needs.

If all the things above have been arranged properly, please click the Create Blog button. Then after that your blog has been successfully created, and ready to use.

1. How to create blog posts and pages

Content is king, of course the majority of bloggers agree with this statement. The more content that is created, the easier it is to get a lot of visitors. The more visitors, the greater the potential for earning a lot of money.

In addition to posts, you also have to make a good page. How to make a blog post is very easy, you just click the Post menu and then click New Post , then just make a post and publish it.

This also applies to creating pages. You just select the Pages menu, then click New Page. Then just create pages such as About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and others as needed.

So that pages and posts can more easily appear on the main search page, make sure you use SEO techniques well.

2. Setting the appearance of the Blog

The main key to the appearance of the blog that is used is the selection of the theme.

To change the appearance of your blog, just click the Theme menu in the left menu. Please be able to choose one of the free themes available to install.

After selecting one, a short snippet will appear as shown below. Then just click Apply to install the theme.

To set the display further, you just click the Customize menu. There are three options that can be used as follows:

Background / Background: Can be used to change the background with the available images. In this option you can also change the theme color palette using the available color options.

Advanced: This option can be used to change the color and type of font on various elements of the theme. For example, such as body, blog title, posts, images, attributes and so on.

Gadgets: Serves to adjust the appearance and various important elements on a blog. Examples such as labels, pages, headers, popular posts, and others.

4. Setting the Blog Layout

How to create a professional blog with blogspot not only up to the steps above. You are also advised to set the layout arrangement of elements on the site that was built. To do this, please click the Layout button on the menu.

You can configure each of its parts by clicking on the pen logo . By clicking on the button, a pop-up will appear, which can be used for configuration.

You can also adjust the Gadgets and several other elements to your liking. For example, when you want to arrange Gadgets, you can do this by clicking and dragging them to the desired place.

Before saving, you can use the Preview menu to see the display that has been set. If the display is deemed appropriate, please save the settings by clicking Save arrangement .

5. Perform advanced settings

Now you already know how to make a blogspot quite completely, even to the point of being able to adjust the appearance. But it’s also a good idea to do more in-depth settings, in the Settings menu . Here not only set the appearance, but also function, SEO, security and others.

Below are examples of some sub-menu settings that must be filled out:

Title: Fill with Blog Title

Description: Briefly describes the blog that was built.
Blog Language: Set to use according to the language used, if the blog is in Indonesian, please set it to Indonesian.

Privacy: Swipe to blue (Allow search engines to find your blog)

HTTPS: Enable HTTPS redirect to green (Ensure that visits to HTTP redirect to HTTPS). By using https, the site you build becomes safer for netizens to access.

Meta Tegs: Activate (Enable search description) Click and fill in the search description. In this section, explain briefly and interestingly related to the blog.

Thus the discussion about how to create a professional blog with blogspot. Hope this review is helpful. Don’t forget every time you make a new post, register it with Google Search Console. Thus, the post will be indexed faster by search engines.

Video- Creating Blog on BlogSpot


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