With the arrival of summer and high temperatures not only we humans are under pressure from the heat but also the tech devices are affected. In fact, due to the summer heat, even our smartphones, tablets and PCs tend to overheat, bringing their internal temperature to really hot peaks.

If you intend to keep the degrees of your device under control or you simply want to know how many degrees there are under the body of the latter, you are in the right place. In this article we will talk about how to measure the temperature of the phone on Android and iPhone.

See the temperature of the Android smartphone

To know the temperature of your Android phone, on the Play Store there are several applications that allow you to know these parameters.


CPU-Z in addition to allowing you to discover the internal temperature of a smartphone, allows you to discover all the various peculiarities of the hardware compartment of a device. To find out the temperature, go to the Thermal card and check the various values ​​shown. In addition to this, it is also possible to find out the temperature of the battery and to do so, simply go to the Battery tab and view the value of your interest.

Device Info HW

Very similar to the app mentioned above, Device Info HW allows you to view the temperature of your Android phone in a clear and simple way. Once the app is open, simply go to the Thermal or Battery tab and consult the item Temperatures.


Another very famous application for controlling the components of a smartphone is AIDA64. This app allows you to know the internal temperatures simply by going to the Thermal or Battery menu.

How to find out the temperature of your iPhone

Unlike Android smartphones, there are not many software for iPhone that allow monitoring of the internal components of the device. However, Apple’s iOS operating system , completely autonomously, blocks access to the smartphone in the event that the latter reaches too high a temperature . In the event that this problem is reported to you, all you have to do is turn off the iPhone and store it in a cool and shady area.




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