The HP Solution Center is a user interface developed by Hewlett Packard for the manufacturer’s printers and multifunctional devices. It is practical software that helps you use your device. It works exclusively with devices from HP that came onto the market up to 2010. Newer devices use the HP Printer Assistant or the HP Printer Assistant. This new HP printer software provides roughly the same print control functions as the HP Solution Center.

In the following, we answer the most important questions about the software package, how to install it, and also the functions of the program.

1: What are the benefits of the HP Solution Center?

There is a good reason, and it is related to the advantages of the HP Solution Center, why you have to select the specific model of your printer or multifunctional device before starting the download: The printer drivers and the combination of functions are tailored to your device model. Both the HP Solution Center and the HP Printer Assistant show a very high degree of specialization. They take into account the special features of the individual model series. In addition: The software is self-explanatory and does not require studying a comprehensive manual for optimal operation.

Tip: The HP Solution Center is not available for Mac, but rather the HP Utility. This software for Apple devices to support HP printers is very similar in functionality and utility programs to the solution for Windows.

2: Where do you get the HP Solution Center from?

The HP Solution Center is usually included on the CD, from which you can install the printer drivers for older models of printers and multifunction devices. Alternatively, you can get the software from the Hewlett Packard support site for installation.

Install HP Solution Center without a CD

HP does not offer a single download for the HP Solution Center program. You will need to download and install the complete driver package for your HP printer. Hewlett Packard names this point on the download page “Software and drivers for all functions”.

This is how you get the HP Solution Center from the Internet and carry out the installation:

  • Make sure your printer is connected to, but not connected to, the PC or laptop that you want to download and install the program on.
  • Go to the Software and Drivers web page for HP online support. (Click the link.)
  • You will now be asked to select the product type. Choose printer.
  • You will then have to enter your printer model. HP has built an intuitive, supportive web environment for you to do this. HP will guide you to the drivers you want and the software for your printer model.
  • Click on “Driver Product Installer Software”.
  • Now you have to select your operating system if it is not automatically recognized and specified.
  • Click on “Download”.
  • Then double-click the folder you created under Downloads and follow the program’s installation instructions.
  • You have now completed the installation of the driver and the HP Solution Center and can use the software.

3: What tasks does the HP Solution Center support you with?

With the device control from Hewlett Packard, you get support in the simplest case with printing. If you have bought a multifunctional device, you will also benefit from the numerous setting options for faxing, scanning, and copying. You can also make many settings on your printer, but selecting the options in the software is much more convenient and is usually much faster.

This means that the HP Solution Center and its successor, the HP Printer Assistant, are particularly interesting for you if you want to constantly use different options for printing, scanning and faxing.

Note: The settings offered for the various options in the Solution Center can vary, depending on what your HP printer model is capable of!

Scan image

The HP Solution Center will help you with scanning. To do this, you have to select this area in the software and the scan you have started will be displayed. When the scan is finished, you will see the result on your screen. If you are not yet satisfied with the quality of the scan, you can make adjustments in the HP Solution Center. The settings allow you to adjust the brightness, resolution, but also size, and other options before you start the scan again. You can repeat the procedure until the scan meets your requirements and you complete it with one click.

Scan document

It is very similar to scanning a document. In the settings, the options to make a color scan or in black and white or in grayscale are interesting. You also have the option of defining the file type, which can be important for further processing after the completed scan in other programs such as Word or an image editing program. You can open the saved scan directly with a double-click or choose with a right-click which program you want to use to process the scanned document further.

Make copies with the HP Solution Center

The area for copies is also quite extensive and blessed with useful settings in addition to the standard selection for the number of copies you want. For example, you can select advance settings for copy templates with text, photos, or mixed copy templates. You can adjust the contrast or the quality (resolution), the format, and other settings. If you are using an HP All-In-One with color cartridges, you can choose color copies or black and white copies.

Fax via the Solution Center

Your multifunction printer can fax and you don’t want to laboriously enter the recipient on the device or select from the address book memory? Then you can do this conveniently using the keyboard on your computer via the Solution Center. You can also find other settings, such as maintaining the address book. Of course, you can also start the sending process via the program.

Further options within the Solution Center

You can also use the program to find additional software that was loaded with the software package for your device and made available for you through the installation. Just have a look around in this area to see if you can find useful programs for your requirements.

In addition, the Solution Center offers you the point ” Help and Support ” to help you with problems and to offer you solutions to errors.

Another menu item is “ Shopping ”. More on this in the answer to the following question:

4: Why does the HP printer software have a shopping tool?

Manufacturers of printers and multifunction devices make the greatest profits from the sale of consumables. That’s why they want to make ordering ink and toner as easy as possible for you.

This is exactly what Hewlett Packard does with the shopping function in the HP Solution Center. You can only order HP cartridges there. You have to decide for yourself whether this is worthwhile. The fact is that toner and ink cartridges from recycling have advantages in terms of environmental protection and climate protection that consumables from new products do not have.

Problems with the HP Solution Center

Usually, after installing the driver package for your HP printer, you will find a folder named “HP Solution Center” in the installed programs on your PC or laptop. If this does not open or does not work properly after double-clicking, there was probably a download or installation error. Or your printer was released after 2009 and therefore doesn’t support the software. Then you need to use the HP Printer Assistant program.

Also upgrades the operating system of your PC may be the reason for the problems with the HP Solution Center, especially with Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Follow the next questions for answers that can help you with your problems:

5: Why is the HP software gone after upgrading to Windows 10?

Hewlett Packard is one of the manufacturers that have recognized the advantages of the extensive printer control of Windows 10. Therefore, when upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, there is a switch to using the printer drivers belonging to the operating system. They do not provide support for the HP Solution Center, which makes it redundant. This means that if HP’s specialized printer control disappears when upgrading to Windows 10, it is a completely normal process and nothing to worry about.

6: How does Windows 10 replace the HP Solution Center?

The most important printing options in Windows 10 can be found directly in the applications with which you can create documents. You can make advanced print settings in the control panel in the device manager and there in the sub-item Printers & Scanners.

When scanning, you can choose between the Fax and Scan app, which comes with Windows 10, and the Scan and Capture app provided by HP. Both apps are free. You can get the HP app from HP’s support pages. The Windows app is available in the Microsoft store. Please do not obtain the apps from other sources to protect your system!

7: What to do if you get an error message after upgrading to Win 10?

There is a special feature when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Your computer could tell you that the HP Solution Center cannot be executed because the device installation was not completed. In this case, Hewlett Packard support recommends a check with the HP Print and Scan Doctor app or, alternatively, a complete reinstallation of the driver package.

In addition, Windows 10 monitors the performance of the computer. This tool often recommends disabling applications. The services “hpwuSchd” and “HP Digital Imaging Monitor” are also often affected. You can restart this manually via the task manager.

8: What to do if the HP Solution Center cannot establish a connection?

Have your printer integrated into a network and the Solution Center cannot establish a connection? To fix the problem with your network printer, check your network settings. If you have set it to “Public”, the HP Solution Center will refuse to work. You have to set the network to “private”. Unfortunately, that is not the end of it, before the connection can be established again, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the entire driver software for the printer, including the Solution Center. Use our instructions for uninstalling and installing the software.

Question 9: How can I uninstall the HP Solution Center?

As already mentioned, if the Solution Center fails, HP recommends that you reinstall the software package for your HP device. Before doing this, you have to remove the old installation:

  • Look for the Programs folder in the Control Panel on your computer.
  • There you will find the item “Uninstall programs”.
  • Select the HP Solution Center from the list and click on it.
  • Now you choose “Uninstall”.
  • Follow the instructions and/or confirm the desired deinstallation.
  • To complete the process, you will need to restart your PC. Finished!

10: How do you get the fill levels without the HP Solution Center?

Many HP printers allow filling levels to be displayed directly on the device display without the HP Solution Center. But even with printers and multifunctional devices without this function, you don’t have to do without monitoring.

The fill levels are listed in the results of the printer self-test and in the printer status report. You can have these printed out by calling up a function or using a key combination. But please keep in mind that these printouts also use ink. This is often quite a bit, because the fill levels appear as bar graphs.

11: What to do if the messages from the Solution Center are annoying?

The HP Solution Center regularly shows pop-up messages on the display. You can deactivate these notifications with a little trick :

  • To do this, look for the “HP” subfolder in your program folder.
  • There you will find a sub-item called “Digital Imaging”.
  • When you open this folder, the sub-item “Product Wizard” appears in the next list, where the “Bin” folder is hidden.
  • If you click on the “hprbui.exe” file there, the HP product wizard starts.
  • There the position ” Disable solution updates ” is interesting. If you have activated this point, you go directly to the HP Solution Center and uncheck the “Enable help automatically update content” position.

Once that’s done, the HP Solution Center should no longer annoy you with annoying pop-up messages.

12: How can you prevent HP printing software from losing performance?

If your computer has only very limited power reserves, you should switch off everything that unnecessarily loads the processor and RAM. If you rarely print or scan, you can prevent the HP Solution Center from starting automatically. This can be done quickly and easily via the “System Start” tab in the Task Manager. As soon as you are ready to print, a few clicks of the mouse are enough to start the service manually. If the options provided by Windows Print Control or the Windows apps mentioned above are sufficient for printing and scanning, you could completely uninstall the HP Solution Center. To do this, you have to call up the sub-item “Apps” in the Windows Control Panel.

What conclusions can be drawn from the above facts?

The HP Solution Center is an interesting thing because of its immense specialization. However, it is not necessary. The control software for printers and multifunction devices, you can replace 10 by other apps for Windows. They have the advantage that you can continue to use them even if you want to replace your current HP printer with a newer model from another manufacturer. The Windows apps for printing, faxing, and scanning only start when required and save your computer’s performance reserves.

In addition, you don’t have to update them manually, as they receive their updates along with Microsoft’s monthly updates for the operating system. Also, there may be no compatibility issues with the Windows printing and scanning apps. Even HP recommends the use of these apps in the FAQ for the HP Solution Center if problems cannot be solved, especially if the scan functions no longer work


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