The PC is now part of our daily life, allowing us to carry out a multitude of operations from the comfort of home. However, to perform certain operations or to optimize the PC, you must actually have a good knowledge of its operation, to avoid running into unpleasant problems that often have disastrous consequences for the Microsoft operating system.

For this reason, we at have decided to give you some advice for a conscious and safe use of the PC. Below, therefore, we will show you 6 things you should never do to avoid ruining your Windows PC.

Disable the Windows Defender Firewall

Speaking of security, you must always pay attention to the files and applications that are installed on the PC. Many users disable the Windows Defender firewall to increase PC performance, not knowing that by doing so they put the operating system in great danger.

The firewall, in fact, detects any threats promptly, blocking them and alerting the user. For this reason it must always be left active, in order to always be defended from any cyber attacks.

Install programs from suspicious sources

How many times have it happened to you that you have to download a file or a program but never actually know which site you are browsing? Sites that promise free download of paid programs, which contain that now abandoned software that you need, are absolutely to be avoided, if you do not want unpleasant surprises once the software is installed.

In this case, in fact, you should know that these sites contain malware and are very dangerous for your PC. For this reason, before downloading and installing a program, always carefully evaluate the source and, if necessary, also ask a more experienced user, who may be able to identify immediately. any scams.

Apply changes to the Registry Editor

The Windows Registry Editor is a very powerful tool but to be used very carefully. In fact, by applying changes to the Windows Registry, there is also the risk of permanently compromising its functioning.

What can be done with the Registry Editor? A lot of operations: solve problems with settings, drivers, fluidity, installations and much more.

For this reason, in case of problems, try to keep Registry Editor changes as a last resort, only if absolutely necessary. To be on the safe side, always contact an expert.

Run suspicious commands with command prompt

The speech made a few lines ago about suspicious software can also be extended to the command prompt. Through the command line interface, which is, in most cases, a mystical place in the eyes of users, it is possible to perform a multitude of operations, even quite complex.

For this reason, when performing operations with the command prompt, in some cases it is necessary to act as an administrator, in order to have full control of the files and settings of the operating system.

When you read on the internet guides that involve the use of the command prompt, always check the reliability of the sources and absolutely do not launch any commands before you are actually informed about the operations you are going to perform.

Delete Windows files

The deletion of a Windows file or the interruption of a fundamental process, could lead to serious problems of functionality and stability. In some cases, these operations make it necessary to restore the operating system, causing many problems for users.

For this reason, you must always be careful when navigating within the operating system folder or within the panel concerning the Task management .

As repeated several times in this article, carry out the operations, especially the more delicate ones, only if you really know the operations in question, otherwise avoid making changes, remove files or disable features, but always contact experts.

Disable Automatic Updates

Updates play a fundamental role nowadays, as, in addition to introducing new features , they keep the operating system safe and reliable , also providing security patches. For this reason, it is important to keep your PC up to date at all times .

In order not to have to manually check for new Windows updates, the operating system provides users with a feature thanks to which this procedure takes place automatically.

One of the things to never do, therefore, is to disable automatic updates , to avoid running into problems of instability and security using obsolete versions of the Microsoft operating system.


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