The new M1 Macs from Apple , which unveiled the company from Cupertino last week, in the ability to run Windows software. The new computers are losing Boot Camp support, but CodeWeavers already comes with an alternative.

People who, in addition to macOS and iOS applications, also need to run Windows apps can do this. The new CrossOver20 software makes this possible.

Windows apps on new M1 Macs from Apple

Apple offers numerous applications and support for software on its computers, but the new M1 Macs offer more than ever before. On the devices it is possible to run not only macOS applications, but also iOS applications. Still, there are those who need Windows software for certain purposes. CrossOver 20 makes this possible and the software can therefore be used on the M1 Macs. Developer CodeWeavers announced this in a blog post.

It is quite striking that the message is brought out. Both Apple and Microsoft have said the new ARM Macs will not support Windows for now. Developers of CodeWeaver nevertheless managed to do it. CrossOver20 runs on the new M1 Macs using the Rosetta 2 technology, which many apps are currently running on.

A video on YouTube shows that the program works. Although it is clear that there is a lot of delay involved. You can watch the images below:

What is CrossOver?

CrossOver is a platform based on Wine. This is an open-source project that allows you to run Windows programs and games on macOS. This is because certain software does not support Apple’s operating system. With the help of the platform it is possible to still get this support.

Want to learn more about CrossOver20 and support for the new M1 Macs? Read the message from the developer himself here


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