Is your Windows 10 slow to start up and you don’t know why? Over time, using your computer will in some sense lead to its wear and tear. This is not a real malfunction, but the years are also being felt for electronic devices.

But there is a solution to all of this. In fact, you can speed up Windows 10 startup directly from the operating system. How? It will be sufficient to manage the activities and disable those applications that when the computer is turned on, begin to work in the background .

Is Windows 10 slow to start – Disable These Apps

You must know, that if Windows 10 is slow to start, there are probably too many applications that start working in the background and slow down the system. But what is the solution to make it as fast as it used to be?

We will explain two methods so that you can solve this problem, which especially using the PC for your work, we imagine how annoying it can be.

How to speed up Windows 10 Startup Fast

Open the “Task Manager” tool by moving to the bar at the bottom (the one where there is the Start button and the other applications) and click with the right mouse button.

Once the window is open, if you find “No applications running”, click “More details” at the bottom. Here you will observe all open applications and how much they consume.

Click on the “start” section. You will have the option to disable an app by clicking on one of them and then at the bottom right. Identify the ones that weigh down the operating system when it is turned on.

Know that the fewer applications you open, the faster your PC will be.

How to make your PC fast by abolishing animations

  • Type in the search field “Advanced system settings”;
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select “Settings under Performance”;
  • Go to the “Visual Actuals” tab, select “Custom” and uncheck the following items.

The items we remind you to delete are suggested because they are superfluous.

  • Animates windows when maximized or minimized
  • Open combo boxes with scroll effect
  • Animated window controls and elements
  • Show window shading
  • Use shading for desktop icon labels.

Is Windows 10 still slow on startup? Try these solutions and let us know with a comment how it went.


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